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Renaissance Workshop Company
The foremost manufacturer of early musical instruments worldwide

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Welcome to the Early Music Paradise

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The Company
The Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. (RWC) is the world’s largest specialist manufacturer of early music instruments; meticulously researched historical musical instruments, all based on existing originals or relevant iconography and handmade in our early music workshops by a small team of dedicated craftsmen who have many years experience.

The Renaissance Workshop Company is justly proud of its wide range of historically accurate early musical instruments, covering mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments, representing over 1000 years of European musical history and culture. (more)


The Catalogue

RWC designs and manufactures, for historical performance, a wide range of faithful reproductions of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments including keyboards (clavichords, harpsichords, spinets, organs...), stringed instruments (harps, fiddles, lutes, viols, hurdy-gurdies, psalteries, guitars...), windcaps (crumhorns, cornamusen, bagpipes...), natural reeds (curtals, bassoons, racketts, shawms, sordunes...), brasswinds (natural trumpets) and percussion (drums, timpanies, tabors, nakers, timbrels...) (more)


The company's success is mainly due to its founder Jonathan Askey.
Mr. Askey has been involved in running the early music business since he joined J. Wood & Sons Ltd. back in 1972. He managed Woods Bradford music shop, 'The Early Music Shop' for many years and helped to... (more)

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Finished, Kit or Plan?
If you want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three forms of an instrument, please, read the following article and the frequently asked questions about making an instrument.

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We have linked a page with 'The biggest selection of 'Do-it-yourself' and 'How to' Books from which you can have more information and buy many books about musical instruments and instrument making.

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New Showroom
The new shop in Madrid is an attainable paradise for the early music enthusiast who is offered with the complete range of instruments made in our own workshops and a selection of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments, accessories and early music kits from makers from all over the world.



New Website
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We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Our craftsmen work in our own workshops to produce the parts for all our instruments, each one being carefully hand built to the highest standards.
We supply these same top quality parts in our instrument kits and show you how to build the instrument of your choice
. (more)
We are so confident in the design of each of our kits that we are certain you will make a good instrument. (more)

The Renaissance Workshop Company catalogue of Early Musical Instruments and Early Music Instrument Kits: Acordeón, Alto Cornett, Angélique, Aoud, Appalachian Dulcimer, Archicembalo, Archlute, Armonio, Arpa, Ashiko, Atabal, Atril, Autoarpa, Bagpipe, Bajo Barroco, Bajón, Balalaica, Bandora, Banjo, Baroque Bassoon, Baroque Cello, Baroque Flute, Baroque Guitar, Baroque Oboe, Baroque Trumpet, Baroque Violin, Baryton, Bass Cornett, Bass violin, Bassanello, Basset Clarinet, Basset Horn, Bassoon, Bentside Spinet, Black Cornett, Bladder Pipe, Bodhran, Bombard, Bombarda, Bombardes, Bouzouki, Bow, Bowed Lyre, Bowed Psaltery, Buccin, Caja, Carillons, Castanet, Castanets, Catalan Shawm, Cello, Cembalino, Ceterone, Chalumeau, Chime Bell, Chirimía, Chitarino, Chitarra Battente, Chitarra Italiana, Chitarrone, Cister, Cistro, Cítara, Citole, Cittern, Clappers, Clarinet, Clarinette d'Amour, Clarsach, Classical Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Clave, Clavecín, Clavichord, Clavicordio, Clavicytherium, Comb, Concertina, Contrabajo, Cornamuse, Cornett, Cornettino, Cornetto, Corno Recto, Cortholt, Cortol, Cow Horn, Cromorne, Cromorno, Crotales, Crumhorn, Crwth, Curtal, Cymbals, Dayereh, Division Viol, Dolzaina, Double Bass, Doumbek, Drum, Dudelsack, Dulce Melos, Dulcema, Dulcémele, Dulcian, Dulcimer, Dulzaina, Dulzian, Dumbek, Espineta, Eunuch Flute, Fagot, Fanfare Trumpet, Felle, Fiddle, Fídula, Fiedel, Fife, Flageolet, Flauta, Flauta de Pan, Flöten, Flute, Fortepiano, Frame Drum, Gaita, Gamba, Gemshorn, Gerader Zink, Gittern, Glastonbury Pipe, Goblet drum, Guitar, Guitarra, Guqin, Hammered Dulcimer, Harp, Harpsichord, Hautboy, Hirtenschalmei, Hog-Nose Psaltery, Horn, Hoyboy, Hummelchen, Hurdy-Gurdy, Irish flute, Jew's Harp, Kantele, Kanun, Kettledrum, Klarinett, Koncertina, Kortholt, Krummer Zink, Krummhorn, Kudum, La Cetra, Lap Dulcimer, Lap Harp, Laúd, Launeddas, Lautenwerck, Liebes-Bratsche, Limberjack, Lira, Lira Da Braccio, Lira Da Gamba, Lirone, Lizard, Lizard (tenor cornett), Lute, Lyra Viol, Lyre, Lysarden, Mandolin, Mandolina, Mandora, Mandore, Medieval Shawm, Mountain Dulcimer, Musette, Musette de Cour, Music Desk, Mute Cornett, Nácara, Nakers, Nagara, Naker, Naqareh, Natural Horn, Natural Trumpet, Oboe, Ocarina, Olifant, Oliphant, Ophicleide, Organ, Organetto, Organistrum, Órgano, Orlo, Orpharion, Oud, Pan Flute, Pandereta, Pandero, Pantalon, Piano, Pífano, Piffero, Pipe, Pipe and Tabor, Plucked Psaltery, Pommers, Portative Organ, Positive Organ, Psalterium, Psaltery, Psaltery (Bowed), Psaltery (Plucked), Rackett, Ranket, Ranqueta, Ratchet, Rattle, Rauschpfeife, Rebec, Recorder, Regal, Renaissance Flute, Renaissance Guitar, Renaissance Shawm, Riq, Rote, Sackbut, Salterios, Sanj, Sanza, Schalmei, Schreierpfeife, Schryary, Serpent, Shawm, Shofar, Side Drum, Sinfonía, Slide Trumpet, Slughorn, Smallpipes, Snare drum, Sordón, Sordone, Sordune, Sorna, Spinet, Stands, Straight Trumpet, Symphony, Tabor, Tabor and pipe, Taboret, Tambor, Tamboril, Tambourine, Tambura, Tenor Cornett, Theorbo, Theremin, Timbal, Timbrel, Timpani, Transverse Flute, Traversa, Triangle, Tromba Marina, Trombone, Trompeta, Trumpet, Tuba, Ud, Ukelele, Vielle, Vihuela, Viol, Viola, Viola Bastarda, Viola da Gamba, Viola d'Amore, Viola de Rueda, Viola of Love, Viola pomposa, Viole d'Amour, Violin, Violon, Violonchelo, Violone, Virginal, Vulcan Lyre, White Cornett, Xylophone, Zanfoña, Zink, Zither, Zurna.

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