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Renaissance Workshop Company
The foremost manufacturer of early musical instruments worldwide

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What is an Ex-VAT Price ?

We publish our prices exclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping costs. That means that, if applicable, VAT and shipping costs are payable in addition to the published price.

What is the VAT?

The VAT (Value Added Tax), is a tax on products and services applied all over the world [1]. It is similar to a conventional sales tax, but it differs in the collection mechanism. Sales taxes are normally only charged on final sales to consumers. The VAT is collected by those that intervene in the production, transformation or distribution of the product in the same proportion to the value that every one adds to the product. So, the main difference is the extra accounting required by those in the middle of the supply chain.

As an European Company, we apply the rules of the European Union VAT.

Rules of the European Union VAT

When products are sold from a place in the 'EU VAT Area' -which is the case of the sales made by Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd.- the following rules apply:

Territory. The so called 'European Union VAT' is the VAT applied in the "European Union VAT Area" (which is similar but not the same that the 'European Union').

Prices. Under the EU system of VAT, any price may be inclusive of VAT (VAT is included as part of the agreed price) or exclusive of VAT (if applicable, VAT is payable in addition to the agreed price).

Rates. Different rates of VAT apply in different EU member states (from 15% to 25%). At present, we produce and sell from Spain and the applicable rate is the 16%.

Buyers. Both natural persons and legal entities in the 'European Union VAT Area' can be end consumers or value adders (resellers, distributors or transformers). Value adders can be VAT-registered or Non-VAT registered [2].

Buyers from the European Union VAT Area

End consumers, VAT-registered resellers in the same country and Non-registered resellers
We (the seller) are obliged to levy the VAT in behalf of you (the buyer), so it has to be included in the invoice. The applicable rate is the 16%.

Please let us know, when ordering, if you are resident in one of the special areas of the EU where you do not have to pay the EU VAT (although, you could be obliged to pay another similar tax).

VAT Registered Resellers in other countries
You have the option. We can collect the VAT in your behalf, including it in the invoice or you can pay it directly in your country accordingly to its regulations.

VAT on goods you intend to export from the European Union
Unfortunately, we are ineligible to participate in the VAT Retail Export Scheme, which reimburses VAT to customers when they purchase goods for export outside of the European Union.

Buyers from outside the European Union VAT Area
You do not have to pay the European Union VAT, but you probably become obliged to pay in your country import duties and taxes for a similar amount once the package reaches the border. You should contact your local customs office for further information.

We do not include the VAT in our invoice if we send the product outside the 'EU VAT Area', but if you come to pick it up in our shop, even being a non-EU citizen, we have to charge the VAT and later on, when you leave the EU, you can complete a form at customs to recoup it.

Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.

Additionally, please note that when ordering from Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd., you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

If your order is small, both in volume and price, it is probable that your box is not stopped at customs and you could not pay VAT, sales taxes or other duties, but we cannot control that point.


[1] With different names, a form of VAT is applied in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. Sales tax is mainly applied in the USA (except in the state of Michigan that uses a VAT called Single Business Tax). The VAT is also known as ÁFA in Hungary, ALV in Finland, BTW in Nederland and South Africa, CBL in Ireland, DDV in Slovenia, DGhG in Georgia, DPH in Czech Republic and Slovakia, GST in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, New Zealand, Paraguay, Singapore, GTGT in Vietnam, HST or TVH in Canada, IGV in Peru, ITBIS in Dominican Republic, ITBMS in Panama, IVA in Italy, Latin America, Portugal and Spain, KDV in Turkey, km in Estonia, Ma'am in Israel, Moms in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, MVA in Norway, MwSt or USt in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, PDV in Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia , PPN in Indonesia, PTU in Poland, PVM in Lithuania, PVN in Latvia, RVAT in Philippines, SBT in Michigan, TPS in Canada, TVA in France, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Moldova and Romania, TVM in Malta, VSK in Iceland, ΦΠΑ in Cyprus and Greece, ДДВ in Republic of Macedonia, ДДС in Bulgaria, НДС (NDS) in Russia, ПДВ in Ukraine, 增值税 in People's Republic of China, 消費税 in Japan, etc.

[2] VAT registered means registered for VAT purposes, i.e. entered into an official VAT payers register of a country. The persons and legal entities that are VAT registered are obliged to calculate VAT on certain goods or services that they supply and pay VAT into particular state budget.

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