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Renaissance Workshop Company
The foremost manufacturer of early musical instruments worldwide

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Availability and delivery time

We publish standard availability, that means that this product usually ships in that time since it has been ordered. But at the specific time of your order, that interval can be longer depending on many production factors.

 In addition, you still will have to wait for your product to arrive (delivery time).

¿Are you in a hurry?

You shouldn't buy your instrument when you are in a hurry. Internet is an easy and quick communication system but there is live beyond the internet, and that live is standard.

Your dreamed instrument or kit cannot be available at this moment, there can be a delay in the shipment, you will need some time to get accustomed to your new instrument, etc. Except if you are a skilled instrument maker, assume that getting a good instrument from a kit is not difficult, but it will take more time than you had estimated. So, please, do not assume that you will get your instruments some days after placing your order.

Making a good musical instrument takes to us many days and our demand is much higher that what we can produce. Every day we try to shorten the waiting list and have more products ready for dispatch.

As a general rule we try to maintain in stock all the parts to make the kits and finished instruments, but, again, we will need some days to complete the kit and some weeks to complete the instruments. And if we are busy working on previous orders, you will have to wait more. And much more if your instrument need that special part made of that difficult-to-buy material that we buy from a foreign provider that specifically produces it for us in small quantities only once a year.

If you really need your instrument shortly, please, ask about its availability. We will do all our own to satisfy your demand, but we cannot guarantee an accurate delivery date with less tolerance than some weeks.

If you need any assistance whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact either by Phone, Fax or E-mail.

Phone: (+34) 91 450 30 50
Fax: (+34) 91 450 30 50
E-mail: info%renwks#com (Change % for @ and # for a dot):

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