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Renaissance Workshop Company
The foremost manufacturer of early musical instruments worldwide

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Payment option
We offer a 1% discount on the total of the invoice in EUROS if you pay sending the money directly to our bank account and, being everything correct, we do not have to intervene in the process of collection. See how and other payment options

Because of the commissions and exchange rates applied when paying with credit cards, there are many cases, in which the Bank Transfer is the cheapest and quickest system (depending on the prices that your bank will charge you for this service).

Coupons and Discounts
Occasionally we offer coupon or discount codes for use on purchases through the Internet. Follow these steps to redeem your coupon:

• Add items to your order form and proceed as usually.
• On the "- Discout / + Extra cost" row, enter your coupon code exactly as it appears and the amount.
• Use the box "Comments" at the end of the form if needeed.
• If your discount qualifies we will apply to your order. If not, we will process your order without the discount.
• If there is any mistake, we will put it right automatically and will process your order.

Donate your discount

If you qualify for a discount, we offer to you the possibility to renounce it in benefit of your selected among the following non-profit organization. You only have to let us know your option in the comment box of the order form.

And if you do not renounce, nor use that coupon, we will donate it automatically when it expires.

Price of INSTRUMENTS | Price of KITS | Price of PLANS | Discounts