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The foremost manufacturer of early musical instruments worldwide

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Currencies & Payment Options
We offer several currencies and payment options that you can use to pay our products. Please take a while to select the best for you among the ones that we accept.

Do not send any money if we have not confirmed the availability of your order and the payment method.

In this website all our prices are published in a virtual currency that we call Renaissance Worl-wide Currency (= ƒ = RWC). This is not a legal tender but it is useful to adapt our vast price list to the continuous variation of the world money market. 

At present you can pay in EUROS (= € = EUR) or in Pounds Sterling ( = £ = GBP = Great Britain Pounds) but we do not have fixed exchange rates, neither for these ones nor for other currencies.

You select a currency to pay and we apply the exchange rate at the moment when we confirm the acceptance of the order. From time to time we publish in several pages of this websites the rates so that you can have a rough idea, but those rates are only applicable on the stated date. We try to maintain updated the exchange rates published in this page, but it is quite time consuming and not always possible. We will apply automatically new unpublished rates if they are favourable to you. If they are unfavourable to you in less than a 5%, we will honour the published rates. But if they are unfavourable to you in more than a 5% we will contact you before accepting the order, so you can change your decision. You can contact us if you need an estimate or pro-forma invoice with fixed price.

Our latest published exchange rates are:

    12 July, 2010        
1 RWC =   1.212   GBP     United Kingdom Pounds
1 RWC  =   1.371   EUR     European Union Euros

If you want to know the prices in other currencies you will have to acquiesce in an approximation as none of the known payment methods allow to foretell the exact amount.

Only as a reference, we also publish for you the following rates on the stated date:

    12 July, 2010        
1 RWC =   1.212   GBP     United Kingdom Pounds
1 RWC  =   1.371   EUR     European Union Euros
1 RWC  =   1.814   USD     United Stated Dollars
1 RWC  =   161.0   JPY     Japan Yen
1 RWC  =   1.873   CAD     Canada Dollars
1 RWC  =   2.080   AUD     Australia Dollars
1 RWC  =   1.935   CHF     Switzerland Francs
1 RWC  =   56.01   RUB     Russia Rubles
1 RWC  =   12.29   CNY     China Yuan Renminbi
1 RWC  =   13.82   ZAR     South Africa Rand
1 RWC  =   23.21   MXN     Mexico Pesos

You can have a rough idea of the exchange rate consulting at any exchange office or through internet. If you want to know why we cannot apply exactly the exchange rates published in the newspapers, through Internet and in some banks , please, consult this page: [Currency Exchange Rates].

Payment Options

We accept the following methods of payment.
See below the pros and cons of each one.

  Pounds Sterling (GBP = £) EUROS (€)
Cash If you visit our showroom or workshop, you can pay in cash. If you visit our showroom or workshop, you can pay in cash.
Bank transfer If marked sender to pay all charges. If marked sender to pay all charges.
This method has a discount of 1% on the total amount.
Country Spain Spain
Bank name Banco Sabadell Atlántico Banco Sabadell Atlántico
Bank code (BIC/SWIFT) XXXX XXXX XXXX (please, ask) XXXX XXXX XXXX (please, ask)
Bank address Av. Reina Victoria 56. 28003 Madrid Av. Reina Victoria 56. 28003 Madrid
Account title Masterkit / RWC Masterkit / RWC
Account Number (IBAN) ESXX XXXX 5232 XXXX XXXX XXXX (please, ask) ESXX XXXX 5232 XXXX XXXX XXXX (please, ask)
Credit Card Not available. Please, use our secure 2-message system to give us your credit card details.

We accept most common credit cards but we cannot accept American Express.

Money order Not available. If marked sender to pay all the charges.
Address   Masterkit / RWC
Av. Doctor Federico Rubio 51, local. 28039 Madrid - Spain
Phone & Fax   (+34) 91 450 30 50
Cash on Delivery (COD) Not available. Please consult, because it is not possible to all destinations.
Cheque Not available. If drawn on a bank with an Spanish address and made payable to Masterkit / RWC

Pros and cons of the payment methods
It is very difficult to recommend one method of payment because it depends on many factors and which is best for one customer can be worse for other one.

Whichever method you choose will have costs of currency exchange and remittance of the money. This costs are highly dependable on your bank, country, etc.

Bank transfer
Sending the money directly to our bank account is, in most cases, the cheapest and quickest system (please check it because is highly dependable on the prices that your bank will charge you for this service).

We apply a 1% discount on the total of the invoice in EUROS if everything is correct and we do not have to intervene in the process.

To avoid any problem, please, give to your bank all our details, particularly the BIC and IBAN (international format codes of our bank and account). Explicitly tell your banker or mark sender to pay all the charges of the transaction so we receive the complete amount. Send us a copy of the confirmation or receipt of the transfer by fax or email.

Money order
With this system you send the money to our premises instead to our bank.

Western Union and other companies do not sent to our premises but to their agents' offices. When you send the money they give you a code of the transaction. Then, you have to communicate this code to us and with it we can go to the agent's office to receive the money. Unfortunately, there is not any known agent nearby, and so this system turns out to be quite embarrassing for us.

Credit Card
Paying with credit card is quick and easy. They apply a good exchange rate if you pay in different currency.

Debiting your Credit Card
We will not debit money from your card until just before your items are dispatched. On the date of dispatch you will receive an e-mail message confirming the date, contents and method of your delivery. If you have ordered several items with different availabilities, unless you request them to be held and sent together we will debit your card as each of those items become available and are dispatched.

Is it sure to give the credit card details?
Every time when you use the credit or debit cards in a restaurant, petrol station or any shop, you are giving all the details to the seller (type of card, number, expiration date, card holder name, etc) and somebody could do a fraudulent use of it. This is the reason why you should not publish either send the details by email or through some web pages.

We have developed a completely secure 2-message system that you can use to pay our products with the card without having to enter your complete card number on the Internet. We need, of course, all the card details, but you do not have to send them in one, but in two complementary messages.

1 - When filling out the Order Form, enter just half of the credit card number and expiry date . Put some X's where the information is missing. For example:

Number: XX12-34XX-5X6X-7XX8
Exp date: XX / 06

Send your order by email, post or fax (see our addresses)

2 - Use preferably a different way to send another message but this time with the lacking card information (the previous X's): if the first one was sent by email, the second one can be sent by fax. Include again a copy of the order, which gives us a way to track your order . In our example:

Number: 12XX-XX34-X5X6-X78X
Exp date: 12 / XX

Card Security Code
The Card Security Code (CSC), is a security feature for credit card transactions, giving protection against credit card fraud, used to secure "card not present" transactions occurring over the Internet, by mail, or over the phone.

The CSC is a 3 or 4 digit value printed on the card, but not available on the magnetic stripe. Supplying this code in a transaction is intended to verify that the customer has the card in their physical possession and is not using a stolen credit card number.

For Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards
Look at the signature box. You will find either the entire 16-digit credit card number or just the last 4 digits, followed by the 3-digit CSC.

For American Express Cards
The CSC is always located above the account number on the face of the card, sometimes on the left side and sometimes on the right. Note: Some American Express cards have a 4-digit number below the account number. This is not the CSC.


More security
For security reasons, the card editor can require you to send some more information (photocopies or scanned images), typically:
1- A copy of both sides of the card
2- A signed copy of the order.

Cash on delivery (COD)
This system has for you the advantage that you do not pay until you receive the product. But it also has two disadvantages: you have to pay in cash and it can be quite expensive for some destinations both regarding the currency exchange rate and the remittance of the money.

The extra costs of the COD system will be charged to you in addition to the total of the order. In most cases the extra cost will be of about 1%-5% of the price but you will save quite the same amount in the costs of transferring the money.

We cannot send COD to all destinations. Please, consult.

This is probably the most expensive and sluggish method for foreign customers.

That is why we only accept cheques in euros if drawn on a bank with an Spanish address or in pounds if drawn on a bank with an English address.

Paying by cheque or postal order causes a delay because we don't begin to process your order until your payment has been processed and the funds have cleared.

Don't forget...

  • to submit the completed order form on our website
  • to print out the completed order form, and attach it to the cheque.
  • to sign your cheque
  • to check that the amount in numbers is the same as the amount in writing.
  • write your e-mail address clearly on the back of the cheque
  • to post your cheque to our address in Spain (if drawn in euros).

Internet platforms
With this systems (PayPal, Verysign...), you pay with your credit card, but because of the encryption of the messages, the advantage for you is that we do not get your card details and it is very difficult that anybody could get them and do a fraudulent use of it.

This is a very good system when you buy something to a unknown particular or company, but you have to assume the charge of an additional intermediary, usually between 3% to 5% more.

To avoid this extra charge, you can use with us our explained 2-message system to pay with credit card. It is practically impossible that anybody else could get your card information.

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